The Search For Our Children’s Identity

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I have been a teacher at quite a few schools during the last few years. Everywhere I taught, I discovered there was one common denominator: Our children are all dealing with a huge hunger for discovering who they really are. This can often lead to a very dangerous outcome. Especially with the wrong kind of leadership or even an adult that is not fully equipped to help them on their journey.

Our children are designed so uniquely and to really help them, we need to first teach them that everything they are going through is normal. That their need for acceptance and self-discovery is not something to be ashamed of, but should rather be celebrated. There are programs designed to help them and even more, show them what their purpose are and how they can finally live the life they desire.

I can see how all children can benefit from the youth-empowerment programme: WIRED Flip The Switch. This unique and practical programme can make life so much easier for parents, teachers and most of all, for themselves.

I have a soft spot for our teen girls and can truly see how low self-esteem are robbing them from things that are meant to be enjoyed during teen years. These things are also pressuring them into making life altering decisions with horrible conclusions. Our girls need to be taught who they are, their worth and how much they can accomplish. They need adults who can inspire and support them and they need women who they can look up to.

During our meeting last week with the WIRED-team I can definitely say these women can provide exactly what we as a school, community and country need. A program for our next generation to be made aware of who they are and more than that, the support they need to reach their full potential.

Zonika van Zijl



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